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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Carsosa Seri Negara

Lazy Sunday Usually we will search for places for coffee just to relax. You see, I work 5days a week and boyfiee work 6days a week. Our time are mostly donated to the beloved company for the sake of seeking our career :) So, when it comes to sunday we will expect this day to be the most quality time we spent together. Do I make a point here? hehe... Ok, this blog isn't about love story but sharing is caring XD so I'm sharing my happiness with you. Yes is YOU! 

I'm so gonna side-track... hehe

We went to Carcosa Seri Negara on this very fine sunday when I suddenly felt a sudden crave for Scones. hehe... I love sweets stuff and it is a all time favourite! Whenever there's cakes you will see me having it as starter <3 Is a style of eating. hehe.. Is kinda costly to do high-tea at Carcosa but once a while it worth the price. And plus they still served the best scones in town! The picture below - High tea for 2 persons. We didn't managed to finished it though..... We look fat but fat doesn't means we eat a lot BUT you can trust us. Coz nobody trust a skinny food blogger or cook. 

The high-tea set comes with 15 selections of pastries and cakes and 2 different type of tea which you can choose from the menu. They don't just look good, they taste good too!

 Above is the best scone in town. They serves 2differences type of scones, the raisins and the plain scone. I prefer the raisins cos is sweeter compared to the plain scone. It goes very well with strawberry jam and cream. Is the best combination ever! Trust me, 2 scones are never enough, I would at least easily had 4 of it! hohohoho!!! <3

More to say? Some random picture taken on that day :)

P/S: During weekend it might be fully booked so, if you wanna go during weekend better make sure you call for reservation first. For weekdays? No worries, unless they have private functions then too bad la.. :( Just to ensure there isn't any disappointment just buzz Carcosa before you plan to go! Okie? You know la, it is also an ideal place for garden wedding <3

Location: Carcosa Seri Negara.


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