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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Plan B - Bangsar Village 1

Plan B - Plan U - Plan B <3

This is a modern concept coffee shop served very good coffee. Its specialist coffee blend  and seasonal collection of beans will eventually makes you crave for more "Caffeineeeeee". Their coffee are all roasted and ground fresh daily!

It will be kinda packed during weekend so don't be surprise if you need to queue for your turn. 

Below is some snacks on one of my high tea session with my girlfreeennn "Girlbe". I forgot to snap her pic.. My bad..... ><

Left: Chocolate Banana Charlotte (RM 11)
Right:  B's chocolate Cake wv Vanilla Ice-cream (RM 10) **Recommended!!

 One of the BIG Event during this weekend :) I'm going.. Are you? As for the ladies, you don't need to worry on where to hook your lovely LV, Gucci, Prada or Hermes... Under the table there are plenty of hooks available to hang your precious :)

Left : Iced Latte
Right: HOT Latte with Cinnamon Biscotti (I don't really like Cinnamon

You will find that I always drink Latte during high tea, as latte contains milk more than espresso so it always blends well with sweets stuff like cakes! (Less bitter ma) So, whenever you're going for high tea, forget about their long black... it doesn't goes well with the sweetsssssss stuffsss you ordered. :) but of course if you do not have a choice but long black... add in some fresh milk :)

Some random pictures took by my girlfriend Girlbe. Me and boyfiee with the Ipad... and my girlfriend with her TAB. Is not that we're anti-social but the culture in Malaysia are "our gadgets eats the food before we do" **Winkxxx** So, stop nagging your friend being anti-social when the food are served or after its served.

Sharing is caring after all. 

Location & Operating hours;

Contact: +6 03 2287 2630
Opening Hours:
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 9am - 1am
Sun - Thurs: 9am - 12 midnight
Contact: +6 03 6205 5318
Opening Hours:Daily: 9am - 12 midnight


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