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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rumahku Gallery and Art Cafe, Jalan Universiti

Rumah Ku Gallery and Cafe 

According to Sunita Mahesan, Rumah Ku Gallery and Cafe was conceived due to disagreements in various food choices – where one relishes in the choices rather than a specific type of cuisine. Hence, Rumah Ku does a fancy mash up of all of Malaysia's culinary goodness into a humble package, where you can get a vast combination of local dishes of all races.

Rumah Ku is located on a rather busy Jalan Universiti, and is indeed a homely place that looks more like a house of an acquaintance rather than a restaurant. Constructed as a single storey bungalow, Rumah Ku's design is very homely when the interior was separated into three distinctive rooms, each for one of the main ethnic race of Malaysia. The decorationsare simple but amazed us, the delicacy in presenting a representative of the hues of our culture. The batiks for the tables in the Malay-themed room, the marble tables for the Chinese-themed room, and the sequins in the Indian-themed room

Lets discover their signature dishes, in Sunita's words "everything in the menu will change but these;

I started with a cup of hot coffee. They serve authentic Indians coffee, their coffee are roasted fresh daily. For coffee lover this is one of my recommendation! Then is the Ginger Lemon Grass Tea, this is definitely a thirst quench drink in humid hot weather. Refreshing enough to open up your stomach for good food. Not to forget the Mango Lassi, that taste of smoothness.

Started off with a Tuna Cutlet, the slight chili after taste from the curry powder proved to be addictive

We then have have the Yam Basket Chicken, the yam are crispy and most important of all is the taste of the yam which is still preserved. 

Curry Laksa - Noodles with coconut cream based curry

The spicy taste of the Green Curry Chicken are awesome if you're HOT person. If I were to rate out of 10, I'm giving it 9. Love spicy food? This will be the most awesome of all.

Crisy and cruncy lotus adds texture and taste to Mixed sauté vegetables  

The delicious Indonesian style Claypot prawn definitely will impressed you! Slightly spice with red curry with fresh big prawn.

Salmon with medley spice and honey Spiced Honeyed Salmon is one of my favorite dish and also a MUST try dish! 

Sambal Chicken served in sizzling pan is definitely just what you're looking for in Nasi Lemak. Taste of sambal on boneless chicken drumstick is definitely the best combination! 

Rumah Ku also offers local artists an arena to display their works by lending them a space, to also promote local artistic events in their counters. Rumah Ku gives you exactly what it said on the name of its premises: the warmth and refreshing feeling of being at home, even during the worst days.

Rumah Ku, with its homely atmosphere and its culinary delights, wows us with a feeling that we have only experienced at home.

Location:6A, Jalan Universiti 46100 Petaling Jaya.

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Thank you Jennifer for writing this article. Rumahku would like to invite you for a meal. Can you provide your email so that I can send you more info?

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