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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Farmhome Claypot Porridge Steamboat, Ipoh

Started since 2011, FARMHOME Claypot Porridge Steamboat is not just any normal steamboat. They use only the freshest seafood and meat everyday. It takes 4 – 5 hours to make their porridge base everyday by using  quality dry seafood. Trust me, their porridge is 100% natural without any MSG or preservatives. Why? My mom is a  big NO NO fan for MSG, the moment she tasted MSG she will keep drinking her tea, but she didn't and she was so surprise!! so, NO WORRIES! 
Their price are reasonably fair with generous portion. Right after you enter the restaurant, you will noticed there's a Chinese words saying "steam steam har, makes life healthier" - okie, I know my chinese description wasn't that creative -.-" 
Sesame oil is added in to give the porridge extra Yummylicious. As you can see the porridge is NOT watery. Thick porridge will cause a sticky base or burnt, also that is why a clay pot is use instead of the typical stainless steel pot. For Malaysians, we can never enjoy steamboat without any proper chili sauce, guess what.... Their chili sauce is 100% homemade by the lady boss herself. To make it more tastier, the owner (my uncle) apparently advise us to add some sesame oil into it for a much unique taste. 
To make steamboat a better / unique choice for their restaurant, They creatively introduced  their homemade specialty, the 'Minced Pork & Minced Pork + Prawn' . Pork is one of a main meat in Chinese home for all cooking! It taste SUPER delicious when it is "Steam Steam" into porridge, especially when added with sesame oil, egg and vegetables.
See the sequence of how to "steam steam" the minced meat into porridge to make it more YUMMIER! Also, porridge goes really well with "Luncheon Meat" too!!!! Awwwwww..... I love this!  

Look at their fresh Beef & Pork slices. Meat are ordered fresh daily, once sold out, you gotta wait for tomorrow! I had a plate each for myself. Well, who's the leng zai? He's the owner of the restaurant and he offer pretty well good service, when he taught and help us with the steam steam minced pork & prawn =)

Being the first in Ipoh to have such a specialty, you must give it a try! The response has been excellent since they introduced 'FARMHOME' to our neighborhood! 

The restaurant is along Jalan Aeroplane, you will be able to spot it once drive passed the overhead bridge, there's only one row of shop lots next to the Pilot academy,  turn left the 3rd shop lot. 

Operating hours:
Mon - Thurs - 5pm - 10.30pm
Fri - Sat - 5pm - 11.30pm
Sun - 4pm - 10.30pm
Closed on every Tuesday


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