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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Honolulu Cafe, Wanchai Hong Kong

My trip to Hong Kong last year wasn't really fruitful in term of food but I bought plenty of stuff from shopping! Yes, I was so broke when I return to Malaysia :) However found this wonderful "Char Chan Teng" in Wanchai after going Prada at Little Hong Kong and shop till broke :(

Honolulu Cafe located at WanChai street was one of the most amazing Egg Tart I found in town. Fresh, crispy and most amazing of all is the Egg Custard..... melted even before you can chewwwwww it ... OoOOOOoooo... TOO AWESOME! 

Welcome to Honolulu Cafe! With its history dated back 40years ago, still proudly representing Hong Kong "char chan teng" lifestyle! Still serving both Hongkie and Tourists mouth watering delights which you cannot resist! 

Started with Hong Kong most famous "Milk Tea" ~ What makes a cup of Hong Kong style milk tea so fabulous? It is exactly its aroma, its creaminess and smoothness! In fact, the so-called stocking does not refer to the stocking people usually wear on their feet! It is actually a tea bag with countless tiny holes on it :) During the process of pouring tea, air is eventually muxed with the milk tea. Repeating the steps for 4 to 5 times before a cup of scrumptious Hong Kong style milk tea ready to serve =) 

Then we have the "Polo Bun" better known as "Pineapple Bun" is the iconic Hong Kong food item! The resemblance of cruncy sugar-crusted top named it pineapple. It is not just huge size but also great in taste! The softness of the Polo Bun is the most ironic! Look crunchy from the outside but incredibly sooofffftttttttt inside. On My.... I shall named it "Noble Polo Bun"

Main course will be the "Gramigna Macaroni Sliced Pork" with chicken broth. Taste good too

Finally, the Noble prize goes to the most fabulous fresh from oven "Egg Tart"! Flaky lottle monster with velvety smootttthhhhhhhhhhhhh wooobbbbllllyyyyyyyyyyy egg custard were shoved into my mouth when it's still warm! OH MY GOD!! I'm ttruly in love with this monster tart!


SEEEEEEE............... Is me showing off the most fabulous egg tart in Hong Kong before shoving into my mouth! This mouth watering desserts is a MUST try item in Hong Kong!



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