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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tourism Investment in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan due to its high potential in tourism and number of historical sites occupies a worthy place in the world. There are more than 4 thousand historical and cultural monuments in Uzbekistan. Their ancient city possesses significant tourism potential, advantageous geopolitical position, rich cultural and natural heritage. Uzbekistan has big opportunities on the quantity and variety of tourism resources when compared with other countries:

Its unique geographical and natural sights central location in the Central Asian region positioned itself comfortably linked in terms of strategic transport-geographical area. Also, there are 37 caves in the territory of the country as well as reserved national parks which covers 1.96% of Uzbekistan. Bioclimatic conditions especially in the winter time allow them to actively promote for recreational and sport tourism. There are also specially protected natural territories in Uzbekistan (state nature reserves, national parks, nature monuments, dendrology and botanic gardens). Such territories are the objects of the national wealth. This enables to develop the ecotourism.

Pilgrimage tourism is connected with the monuments of Islam. Religious-historical sites such as Necropolis Shokhi-Zinda XI-XIX centuries (Samarkand), Khodja Doniyor Mozor – cemetery of Khodja Doniyor, XV century (Samarkand), Mozor Imom al-Bukhoriy (Samarkand), Mozor Khodja Bakhouddin Naqshbandi, XIV century (Bukhara) and Mausoleum Shokhi-Mardon (Ferghana) (citation) which preserved permanent architectural and artistic image are well maintained through the centuries are one of tourism attraction in the world.

There are more than 500 enterprises in the country engaged in souvenir products based on national crafts: porcelain and ceramic ware, national knives, ceramic toys, embroidery of headwear, gold embroidered works, carpet weaving, miniatures on wood/leather and etc

At the present, one most important objective for Tourism industry is the modernization of transportation infrastructure. It is the need to provide automobile routes with international standards tourism services facilitates along with it. As well as hotel infrastructure are being developed with more historical elements and cultural peculiarities which will create uniqueness complexes to the hotel.

All these are the integral of the tourism industry. Its development fosters tourism movement in Uzbekistan as well as creating new job opportunities to the locals as stepping stone for international standards servicing qualities. The increment of tourists’ movement will generates revenue to the country.

Today, Uzbekistan’s effort in refurbishing the historical monuments, preserving national culture and modernization of infrastructure are aiming at further development in the tourism industry to attract more tourists to Uzbekistan. We sincerely invite you to joint in the following direction;;

1) Develop International standards Hotels in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara etc
2) Construct new Tourist attraction such as shopping complexes in Tashkent, Samarkand etc
3) Develop Modern Transportation routes connecting to all major historic sites
4) Renew / Establish international standards automobile fleet
5) Establish Joint Tourism Agencies
6) International standards management organization managing existing hotel’s management such as
    President Hotel in Tashkent, President Hotel in Samarkand 

Tourism is mostly developing industry to ensure the foreign exchange inflow, new job opportunities, strengthening business partnership between countries. In the new millennium the tourism industry will both enhance its further development pace between countries. 


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