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Friday, 28 September 2012

Budget 2013 - LIVE updates!

29 Sept 2012
Lets us now see what’s happening!
"Prospering the Nation, Enhancing Wellbeing of the Rakyat: A Promise Fulfilled",1)  We’re concerns over bread-and-butter issues affecting our quality of life.  WE NEED ASSURANCE!
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said today his government would allocate RM1 billion (US$320 million) to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the 2013 budget. 
2) Tell me more please! 

Something also can be expected for the urban middle-income group (earning between RM5,000 and RM10,000), with some speculating that it would be in the form of further tax relief. (Source: NST - 28 Sept 12) – IF THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING HOW DOES AFFECT US (THE WORKING ADULTS)

On the issue of prudent financial management, the official said the government remained committed towards further lowering the fiscal deficit to around four per cent of gross domestic product next year, from 4.5 per cent this year, and to three per cent by 2015. (Source: NST - 28 Sept 12) – ARE YOU SURE?

We all hope that our pockets hole will be sewed smaller instead of being the needle and thread, the increasing cost of living has eventually acts as a KNIIVES that cuts our hole bigger and our throat too so we could die at early age. I’m sorry for being so harsh, I wasn’t trying to be so mean, but the fact that we are all suffocating is what really matters.
Dear fellow Malaysians, I was previously working in Vietnam living a comfortable life with my USD income which is surprisingly good enough for SAVING. I decided to return to home country to start a complete new life and with hope building a solid foundation for my career path. I was surprise when employee feedback was “your expected salary is too high”. RM 7,000 and negotiable is too high? Before you start commenting on my point of view, lets us go through the below chart;

Caption: Cost of living VS your Salary (I'm so disappointed) 

Every RM 3,000 with excess of RM 610 / 20% of what’s your currently earning is A LOT! Can we also say the planning of government does not grow with us? So, what’s the inflation is all about now?
Budget 2013 was supposed to craft a smile on our face but ad hoc decisions such as the increasing of Product A, B and C, Government subsidize are no longer effective cos you owe the bank too much? NAH!! Then why should you have a budget when you do not have enough at your own pockets, you ask us to fork out and subsidize you?  
Lala!! I’m getting harsher and harsher!! Well, I can basically tell you that I’m only earning for living and not saving. My decision back to Malaysia was a mess and regret! USD which was dropping in value still values much better for fellow Malaysians to leave Malaysia. Are you saying we’re not patriotic? When you are killing us from time to time?
Budget 2013 is necessary or you to shows us how important we are to you, but I truly understand it is only a gimmick for you to play with so we vote for you in the next election. I seriously do not have any comments on who’s the government; I’m concern of the government that CARES! TRULY CARES! 

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