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Thursday, 4 October 2012

What type of Travel Guide are you?

There are as many types of travel guidebooks as there are many types of travelers. Here are a few general guidelines to help you understand which guidebooks suits you best from top to toe giving you the most valuable trip.

Guidebooks differ in how they cover destinations. You'll find guides that specialize in cities, regions within a single country, individual countries, combinations of two or three neighbouring and many many more. Shop for guidebooks smartly and wisely if every penny counts. Lets say, if you're visiting only Kuala Lumpur, it can make sense to take in-depth city guides rather than lugging a hefty all-Malaysia book that covers far more than what you need.

REMINDER: Cheap travel guides often are back dated, be wise to your pocket. You don't want to end up at a closed down restaurant or a teared down buildings. Even worse? Over budget trip due to human error.

Here are a few of the types of guidebooks you'll come across the shelves;

Traditional Guidebooks: Mostly text, with black snd white maps for key destinations, generally a few glossy pages of color photos and maps, and sometimes black-and-white photos or illustrations purposes. Lonely Planet does it best!

My guidebook listed under "Visual Guide", follow this model.

Visual Guides: These guides visual super layouts with appealing color photos and illustrations (like cutaway cross-sections of important landmarks or buildings). Visual learners and those who enjoy colourful pictures love this format. Written information is mostly presented in short enough to squeeze between the pictures. Good for shelves-value.

Combination Map-Guidebooks: These thin guidebooks on individual cities focus on maps, often including a full-size, fold-out map of the destination. Publishers include Moon which is widely available in Malaysia's bookstore.

"Tiny" Guidebooks: Pocket-sized books combine full-color maps and images with sightseeing information that's been distilled for maximum portability. Often these are the smaller version of a major series such as Lonely Planet Best Of. Some are basically in-depth maps with some added limited information.

Ebooks: Publishers are searching for the perfect way to sell guidebooks digitally. Guidebooks require more interaction, making ebook navigation problematic. Publishers are working hard on various solutions, and it's only a matter of time before guidebooks work as well on screen as they do in print. Ebooks allow you to really pack light, and eventually a going green solution. including customizing a book to cover precisely the destinations you want and linking maps to GPS technology so you'll never get lost. But until the perfect digital solution arrives, the most practical guidebook format remains the one you're holding in your hands. The technology is on its way be patience.

Guidebook Series: Each of these series has its own area of specialization, you'll be disappointed if you try to use it to find fancy restaurants.


Map: Often useful when you reached that particular country not before you travel. There's always a reminder "Who knows the road better than the locals?"

My guidebook offers interactive colorful visual which are more selective, choosing only worthwhile place and covering them in-depth. These work perfectly for a quick trip to hit the highlights.

Published by "Bluedale Publishing" offers you th best travel tips during your stay in Malaysia. Where to obtained it? Upon arrival proceed to the Tourist information counter.



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