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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wui See Seng Kajang

Coffeeholic journey to Kajang was really "coffeeful" as Wui See Seng being one of the most prominent "Barista" in Kajang town offer  the most authentic Hainanese "Food Culture".

The venerable Hainanese kopitiam, Wui See Seng, hits 70-years-old or more, and it's still filled to the brim with contented Hainanese almost every minute that it's open. Service is quick, efficient, by 2 Hainanese owners themselves only (YES, only 2 of them, this couple are well known for their hardworking attitude).  Friendliness emanated from everyone there and you may experience the life of retiree playing mahjong with retireeeeee spectators surrounding the mahjong table. 

Was told this is a special coffee brewer for Wui See Seng only. Designed to suits the "Barista". Old school enough to tells you their coffee is really from the heart.
Not only the coffee brewer but also the customers here. Old school... 
This is how to keep coffee cups warm. 
This reminds me how I used to buy sweets when I was young. My childhood memories seems to vanish day by day, my adventure are to keep myself refresh. At times, I'm afraid I will forget all my sweetest memories. Living in this fast pace moving society, old school places and food is the only reason I slow down once a while not only to tell others the sweetness it created but to tell myself there are still many things that worth my time.
The soft and savoury Hainanese bread are like “returning to the ancients” served with Homemade Kaya and Butter has always been my favourite breakfast food. 

Protein  of the day, well known for its healthy contains which can last you through the whole morning. Half Boiled Eggs
Hainanese are well known for its coffee! One shall not claim you are at a Hainanese Restaurant without ordering their Coffee. 

NOSTALGIA that comes with a cup of Hainanese Coffee.

The Origins;
The older Hainanese refer to themselves as Kheng Chew Nang, meaning "people of Kheng Chew", the old name for Hainan Island in China. Most of the early Hainanese immigrants were late arrivals compared to the Hokkiens, Teochews, Cantonese and Hakkas. They came to Singapore in larger numbers only in the 1850s. The late emigration of the Hainanese was due to the late opening of Hainan Island to foreign trade and seafaring activities, which increased significantly after its port, Haikou, was opened to foreign trade in the late 1800s.

Kedai Kopi Wui See Seng 
8, Jalan Kajang Indah,
Taman Kajang Indah,
Kajang, Selangor


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