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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea Imbi Market

Saturday morning with Boyffiiieeeeeee and his sister Tiok Nee was really Coffeeful =) Today both me and Nee was introduced to Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea. First and foremost we were advised by the owner that Hainanese Tea is not coffee! LOLZ!! And it is never called "Cham Tea / Nai Cha"! Ouch! Painful morning.. Lolz! 
However we were advised that just order it "Jiu Pai Cha / Hainan Tea / Hainan Cha". So, that's the trick! Besides, do not seek for them to prepare FASTER, during the peak hour in the morning is really pack with humans. Bear with it but after all they are really quick. Don't worry! 
5 glasses of Hainan Tea; 2 for Boyfieee, 2 for Jennifer Moke and 1 for Nee... Look how Hainanese we are! 
Toasted Bun serve with homemade kaya and butter 
Hainan Bread serve with homemade kaya and butter
Half Boiled Eggs
Pork Noodles 
Now do you know what is the meaning of pack with human? Yes! It is really pack, search for your own place or wait for places. The owner is really funny and nice people
After breakfast we walk around the market to feel the Imbi Market local life. This is how they work for life. Staying competitive in the market industry! If you know, I really hated the smell of morning market but surprisingly, this place do not have those FISHY SMELL, indeed they are really clean! Well groomed! 
Clothing? From the 60s to the latest trend~ 
I do not remember the name for this little cup kok kui! It was favourite when I was young. Granny always buy me this for tea snacks! 
On the way out from Imbi Market, we saw Winson Berger across the road. Traditional Grilled Pork Slice with Toasted Bun at the price of RM 2.30 - RM 2.70. 
Vintage enough to make me realize how the world changed so much! When everyone is struggling to keep at pace.
Live in the shadow of the past. 

Location: Imbi Market

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Love the little cup kok kui too! Walao...2 cups of Hainan Tea! =)

Yeah! That's the best to kick start the weekend!

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