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Friday, 9 November 2012

The Brew Culture Cafe Plaza Damas

Another Cafe is in the Coffeeholic list, my journey of coffee today is at The Brew Culture Cafe opposite Plaza Damas where you can enjoy a super nice view of the King's palace.
I definitely do care for every cup of coffee brewed. I'm a contented coffee drinker!
When you see this sign OOOPSSSSSSSSsssss see you tomorrow. They really mean it! =)
Fist and foremost, I really enjoy sitting in this cafe! The modern contemporary concept from a combination of timber and pipe is definitely a YES for myself. My previos boutique uses that same concept so I pretty love this place. The cozy lazy feelings that it gave was really powerful to kick start MY Sunday!
This is exactly what happened if you try to skipped your coffee in the morning. 
A "moneytorian" cat! lolz! 

I'm the Espresso. What about you? 

The creativity of going green concept. Milk Light anyone? 
When it comes to ambiance, I'm ranking it 8/10. Despite the fact that the bench I'm sitting at was hurting my butt cos I'm wearing shorts (Don't worry) I suggested to the Leng Chai owner maybe he can offer us some cushion to cover our asses. Hehe!! 
The view from The Brew Culture
It reminds me of one of the cafe I used to go every week in Hanoi. I do not remember the name of the cafe but the feelings it gave me was all about memories in Hanoi. 
The concept of going GREEN 
The knowledgeable Barista artwork
Double Espresso for my lazy Sunday. The aroma and bitterness of this brewed are only for strong taste lover, if you are a beginner I would suggest you to go for normal black coffee. Although Barista Leng Chai brewed me another Espresso, the strong bitter taste does not really decrease. So, you pandai-pandai la.... 
Latte for not so hardcore caffeine lover Boyfieeeee 
Do you see similarity? hehe
This is the bench that hurt my buttock :( I need some cushion to cover my ass.

The Brew Culture Cafe
Location: B-01-06, Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur 50480
Contact: +603-03-2857 0181
Opening Hours: Wed.-Mon. 09:00-21:00 (Close on Tuesdays)



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