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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hot Shots @Solaris

It was rather a random day when we decided to randomly crawl with other contented coffee drinkers in town for coffee (Quality Coffee). Events were created in conjunction for the contented to express ourselves through coffee and of course, this is also a way to tell us they worth the words. So, started off at 10am we crawled to Hot Shots, a new coffee joint for the contented one. 
Claiming its name Hot Shots are beyond the shadow of doubt as they do serve HOT & Quality Shot. A must combination for Shots lover!
Before explaining further about their coffee let us explore Hot Shots a little bit. Before knowing the coffee we try to understand the coffee language. They sell several prominent brand of coffee brewer, grinder, and others coffee ..... "Stuff". Do you want to guess how much this cost you? I'll keep it up for you to explore. Let me know should you get it right. 
However, you should take note that the one who's doing the job is the barista. You can owned a million dollar Coffee Machine but you may not brewed a quality cup of Shot, remember the saying? Every coffee has it owns taste =) 
Raisins Scones to start of your Sunday? 
My House Blend is on its way! 
Hot Shots's House Blend Espresso is definitely my choice of Shot as it tasted mild with coffee taste preserved with just the right amount of bitterness. Satisfaction it gave me to kick start my Sunday! 
Keep Calm and Drink Coffee 
Latte for Boyfieeee as usual. I didn't try this, but I had a special brew from the owner which you will see at the end of this blog =) 
Well, I know this does not looks like an Espresso Shot but let me tell you...... This is more than a Shot but a Very Rich Chocolate Shot. Chocolate lover will definitely loves this to the max! I named it the MILO Kao Kao (Malaysia ascent LAH)
SURPRISE!! My Hello Kitty Latte special brewed by the extremely contented Barista. I was really happy on how I start my Sunday morning! My passion in drinking coffee since young has never disappoint me as the moment I sip it down my throat, I can forget the most awful moment in life =) 
LOOK! Me with my Hello Kitty Latte which I was a little hesitate to drink. It was all because I do not want to hurt my Kitty Miao, but the coffee was too good to resist! 

All in all, do drop by to experience what I had experience, I would rate it at 8/10 for its coffee freshness and taste. Now is time for you to discover yourself! 

Hot Shots
Address: A2-UG1-07, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603-62079908
Email: mail@hotshotscoffeeandtea.com



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