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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Broga Recreational Fishing Park @Broga

Fresh? Far from city hassles and looking for a short escape? 40 minutes drive from town to Broga town just worth the escape as this is an awesome place for both nature lover and foodies. 
Broga Recreational Fishing Park serving only Tilapia Fish at a unlimited scale on daily basis with variety taste of grilling to simplicity.
You don't see the fishes don't you? Me too... lol! Hot sunny day when we decided to travel far from city for a short escape to explore like a monkeys.
The entrance is a one way road, either you are in or you are out! Parking lots available for approximately 10 cars. Drive safe and be courteous to other drivers. 
There is this point I was thinking, where do they get the water from? Despite this is a village, they get fresh and clean water too. Usually, it's a pump from down the earth. At one point these waters are much fresher and cleaner compared to the non-filtered water in the city. 
During the weekend and this place is packed and of course we waited quite some time to get table. Expect the worse when it came to seating if you plan to travel here.
Upon entering, you will see the owner grilling Tilapia wrapped in aluminium foil... Simplicity at its BEST!
Here the poor Tilapia lining up waiting to be served
Tilapia served! (Before unwrapping) I'm a careful fish consumer for I had many bad experiences consuming non-fresh fish, especially tilapia! But to here, I have not much comments when I first entered this place, for all fishes are fresh from pond! Worries not. 

There are plenty of sauces available for preferences.  For me I had below; 
Choice No.1: Tom Yam Tilapia
Choice No.2: Salt Tilapia
Choice No.3: The Super Spicy Tilapia
This is highly recommended for the essence of Cili Padi are fresh and fiery! 
Meal for 2 persons now begin! If I forgot to mentioned, this place serves only Tilapia fish and lady finger with Tilapia, you can order lady finger separately. 
The damages!



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