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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Loh Pan Mee @Jalan Jinjang Utama

 This is not a new place to many of the locals at Jinjang, despite its name this place offers fabulous 'Loh Pan Mee. Since this place has no name... We shall then name it Jinjang Loh Pan Mee.
 This is rather a secluded area. From Kepong area, you will have to go straight on the direction to Jalan Kuching.. But mind me not, we are not going so far as this place is located at Jinjang Utama. You will pass my a BHP petrol station or should it not BHP, there is a petrol station on your left and after you passed the petrol station, turn left at the traffic lights to Jalan Jinjang Utama and go all the way straight until you pass my all the shop lots on your left and you shall turn left into Jalan Jinjang Dua (You will see Soon Huat Restaurant (if not mistaken). 
 Jinjang Loh Pan Mee
One of the reason why I heart this hearty meal are, the gravy or 'Loh' smells absolutely good with sesame oil and gravy is thick enough to last till the last spoonful. Unlike others which turns into soup the moment we stir the 3rd time. Not too much of starch but it is absolutely the way they cook when eggs in added (the crucial part of the cooking'.

You will be surprise seeing an Indian cooking Pan Mee isn't? Yes, it is cooked by Indian and this is just another Chinese joint mamak for the locals at Jinjang. Besides Loh Pan Mee, they also served many other types of Pan Mee such as; 
Ma Lat Pan Mee (Spicy & Sour Pan Mee), Kuan Lou Pan Mee (Dry Pan Mee) and etc... A little discovery for yourself =)

 Jinjang Loh Pan Mee 

 I was too obsessed with this place as it does not only serve delicious Pan Mee but it open 24 hours just like any other mamak stalls. Wonderful! In fact, this was my supper joint after party 7 years ago and I just couldn't forget this place so I decided to go back 7 years after and it tastes just as delicious.

Jinjang Loh Pan Mee
Address: Jalan Jinjang Utama



I stayed here for more than 20 years but never try this b4, maybe I don't like lor mee, hehe :P

Shall you try the other type should you not prefer Loh... Then you can tell me how the other tasted like. Enjoy!

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