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Monday, 6 May 2013

Aftermath of GE13 /2013

After all GE 13 seems to just started with new revolutionary vision for all political parties and this term is going to be toughest term in the Malaysia history when the whole world is watching Malaysia. All parties are pressured to deliver promises and manifesto campaigned month ago to win the vote of the voters. By all you know, I wasn't voting for this term… You can have my fair share of thoughts.

I personally have no doubt of change but at the same time I'm looking for stability, and this may not apply to everyone. As for this year, I truly experience the patriotism of being a Malaysian personally not because I’m supporting any political parties but experiencing the change of the rakyats perception towards General Election and especially the 13th.

By all means, I do not trust News whether from the Newspaper which was controlled and e-News which has infinite boundaries in allowance for manipulating fact. No doubt too… these tools are the traditional enough yet powerful to win the mind of the rakyats. All in all, please only take 30% of the news and leave the rest for your own judgment. Having buried in the advertising industry for so long, infinite and controlled is not in my judgement because this can cause so much of assumptions. (I do not have the intended message to create misconception but merely own opinion based)

Barisan Nasional
For all you know, the chief of the party will naturally became the Prime Minister unless  he receives a vote of no confidence from the party (UMNO). For then there should be resignation from the current Chief. Remember is not by Naturalization. 

For 56 years of ruling and rakyats are currently in the state of change as saying corruption has taken a toll in the country (I have no confirmation on this and merely based on infinite news). Looking at the growth of Malaysia, no doubt we are definitely growing positively when KLCC was built, and that is when Malaysia was taken to another level internationally. Special thanks to Dr M. Rakyats are happy to be recognized worldwide, proudly declaring us as MALAYSIANS. I personally miss that moments.

For Barisan Nasional, we are asking for stability and security and this term is for you to strengthen your agenda to fulfilled what has said. The world is watching.

Opposition (Pakatan Rayat & DAP)
I was in law class and I dearly admire the way Mr Karpal Singh speeches, not because he’s from opposition but his words crafted are just strong and powerful. The determination of Mr Lim Kiat Siang and Dr Anwar Ibrahim is infinite just like the news travelled.

This must be another bright sign for all to fight on what 'news' had delivered. This is 'CHANGE'. 7 extra seats in Parliament are to shows that changes are on its way. The same goes to opposition; this is time to strengthen your agenda to fight for the moderates. To fulfil the promises made not only by words but by action. Formed a shadow government as promised to keep fighting like there is no tomorrow!

In fact, this is the hardest part to express in words. Being the rakyats myself, I have my own agenda… I don’t trust news, I trust only action. Show us how good you are in fulfilling your promises and to work for a better future.

For all Malaysian who was born in different races, we are not easily manipulated by words of racism. As long as you do your part in keeping it rightful, no one will blame. Look at the brighter side, where we are now more knowledgeable and this is the power to watch them (Government & Opposition) carefully.  I'm waiting for next term of General Election where I will have a clearer picture of who to vote and being one of the spectators this term; I'm more conscious and careful. 

P/S: This post is not intended to provoke racism and merely own personal opinion. I apologize if anyone find this blogpost offensive.

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