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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Go Burger Kitchen @Setia Walk

Gourmet Burger Kitchen in short is GO BURGER KITCHEN is one of the latest Burger joint in Klang Valley located at Setia Walk, Puchong. 
The setting of this joint are old school and look more like a canteen style without oblong table. One word "Simple". 

I do love GBK! I'll tell you why....
Well. it is undeniable that most women logic are similar to what's written. Anyway, nothing is healthy if its consume in a large quantity, so be good to your own health and know when to love yourself. Burgers are AWESOME! Please don't over do it.
Here's the menu. Spoilt with choices? How about my recommendation? 
You can never go wrong with Carbonated Drinks
The Hungry Hog
Double patties for the carnivore! The taste of the double 8oz are much tangy in taste and juicer to soak the Charcoal Bun, paired with Bacons and Cheese are just another heaven on earth. 
The Swiss Piggy 
Served with Mushrooms and Cheese. If I could ever request for a double patties for this, I would! For carnivores, please special request for more meat. 

P/S: Go Burger Kitchen serves CUPCAKES on weekends ONLY, for sweet tooth... Advisable to go during weekend. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Add: Setia Walk (1st  Floor, On top of Kenny Rogers)



ooo, that's true. maybe burgers once or twice a week would be reasonable, health-wise. nice pic of the hungry hog :D

Definite statement and thanks! I will return for round 2 for double patties :) *this week* (Twice a week are still good)

Oh, I've lost count on the burger joints at Klang Valley~~~

Popping up like mushroomsssss

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