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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 1 - Hanoi, Vietnam

I considered myself as backpacking but many doesn't agree that I am. I'll show you my luggages on my last day in Vietnam ok? :)

I was obviously very nervous upon my return to Vietnam 5 years after. A lot of changes awaitis for me to discover and not forgotten to visit friends that I miss most. All memories are so vague back then, so I decided to rewrite my past so you will know the ME that I miss most. 

To Get There
ETD: 06:15 - ETA: 09.15 (Viet time) - an hour behind. 
Flight as usual are around RM500 flying with AirAsia (With Nasi Lemak and additional KGs for luggages). If you book early, it could be cheaper. 

Upon Arrival
Took a taxi outside the Airport. I trust Mailinh Taxi, as my previous employer engaged this company as our trusted partner. We travel with a card for credit payment. As long as they travel with meter, you'll be fine. 
From Airport to Old Quarter are around VND450,000 (RM90.00) 

Where to Stay
I had my rooms booked at Maison D'Hanoi which owned by my friend. One night at VND880,000 (RM160.00) - Don't shout it's pricey. You can always travel with AirBnB or Agoda where you can find cheaper hotel to stay with. Which I can tell you more on my experiences with both the Apps. They are really relevant and useful.  

Selfie at Maison D'Hanoi Lobby 
What did I do next? I slept for few hours! I was really tired packing for my 30days trip!

You know, Hanoi changed a lot since the day I left. I really need tons of energy to keep myself excited. I woke up few hours later, then I start hunting for lunch! 

I wanted that familiar taste that I once knew. THAT TASTE! Walking trough some back alleys... I found Bun Oc. A dish which is common and I love most. YUMs. 

Bun Oc 
I didn't took the picture of the alley... Just wander around and you will find wonders. Life is about exploration. My only benefit in Vietnam is I can speak Vietnamese. But that itself took me 4 years to live in Vietnam to master that so, don't think too much. The locals are willing to help you in their own language.

As I knew I can't fit in any more food, it's time for my favourite VIETNAMESE COFFEE!!! Caphe Sua Da (it sua nhe). 

Selfie with my favourite Caphe Sua Da
Like I said earlier, just walk around the old quarter and you can find it. The one I visited is AHA Coffee at .Nguyen Huu Huan street. It gave me the energy to keep exploring and also the thought of never return to Malaysia. Yeah... I love Vietnam that much.

I then decided to walk around the old quarter and to Ho Hoan Kiem (Hoan Kiem Lake). As this time round is Winter, the weather are just perfect for walking. There's a legend / myth on the lake (which I've forgotten) lolz. 

Entrance Fees: VND 30,000 (RM6.00) to the temple. 

Entrance to the Temple at Ho Hoan Kiem

I continued wander around old quarter to refresh my memories that meant so much to me. Very emotional on day 1 as it brings back lots of memories. Be it good or bad. 

That pretty sums up for the first half of day 1.  

Jennifer Moke


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