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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Day 1 (Night) - Hanoi, Vietnam

Well... Night time arrives..... I NEED FOOD!

Wandering around Old Quarter again and bumped into this road stall selling Pho Xao (Fried Beef top on Flat Rice Noodle) at Bat Dan Street. Not really impressive but the taste is there... That usual taste that I remember before I leave.

Pho Xao Bo 
I'm not satisfied yet with my meal so I went to Hang Dieu Street to search for Mien Xao Luon (Fried Noodle with Eels) This place is popular among local and tourist and are usually pack like burger, but maybe this time is winter and these places are not as pack as steamboat places. I had Mien Luon Nuoc (Eel Noodles Soup) instead and some other snacks from Eels. Said, it's winter.

Mien Luon Nuoc 
Sup Luon
Nem Luon
After these 2 meals, finally I felt some warm from the inside out. 

Did I tell you that I gained 10kg weight back then upon my return to Malaysia? I'm thinking how kilos I will bring back this time. Not forgotten, MY FAVOURITE FOOD = VIETNAMESE FOOD

The past...
I can't wait for memories to swarm in like waves as I miss them dearly. When I was in Vietnam back then, I do not have much friends so I need make friends on my own (not knowing Vietnamese language) I was wandering around old quarter again to make friends.... I bumped into this place at Ta Hien Street that serves VND5000 (RM0.80) Beers (Bia Hoi). I was like?? WTF??? REALLYYYY?? I sat at one of the small chair and thirst quench time! I think I had almost 6 cups of Bia Hoi and I finally make friends with the strangers sitting next to me. That night was the most amazing night, as I finally make friends with local and tourists. We exchanged contact and HOLA we are friends then. This was 8 years ago! 

Tonight, I'm back to the same old place but not drinking Bia Hoi cos SOLD OUT! AGGGHHHHHHH!!!! I had Hanoi Bia instead. 41 Luong Ngoc Quyen (Intersection between 2 streets) Ta Hien & Luong Ngoc Quyyen.Duhhh... This place is so pack with human (local and expat) Oh Yeah... That's CCT in picture. My travelling partner for the first 6 days. 

I'll show you my best friend (Anh Binh) in Vietnam, Hanoi later. He was in a hurry to go somewhere after he took a glance at me. He miss me of course! Actually I miss him more. We then meet up a 83h Ly Thuong Kiet (Party at 19th Top Floor) and you know... PARTY non-stop! That Place was pretty empty so I didn't bother taking picture. 

Next stop! Hero Club at Phuc Tan Street. Open just couple months ago and we are like VIP there. XD 
Anh Binh my Bestie
Anh Huy & Anh Binh 
Life would be so dull in Vietnam without the both of them. They do make a lot of changes in my party life in Hanoi. Haha!! Those memories.... We get drunk and drunk and drunk again in the same day. Ko Say Ko Ve... Sang Cung Ko Ve. 

So, we think that the party shouldn't be so dull and we decided to change to another drinking place. we had Vodka all the way. Not forgotten the Berry taste Vodka that taste so bad that I can puke whole day! XD but well... we finished it all! With some hot dogs as snacks (When Anh Binh trying to hide from drinking. He bought us some) 

When your friends decided not to have you in the pic as they are and they love to see you look fat in the picture. Thanks Buddies! ARRGGHHHH! I look so FAT! 

Our night lasted till 4am and I missed my Ha Long Bay tour at 8am and I was lucky enough that they gave me back full refund in which it never happen in any country. Trust me! No one will ever refund to you! I WAS REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE FRIENDS HELPING ME WITH. 

Night ends... SLEEPING TIME. 

Jennifer Moke


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