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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day 3 - What to do in Da Nang?

Talking about Da Nang, I must admit I love Da Nang! (A LOT) I love the beautiful beaches, untouched natures and more to say? Friendly people. I do not know about you, but my experiences throughout so many years are amazing. 

Flight: JETSTAR (Hanoi to Da Nang)
Cost: 1,200,000VND ++ (One Way Only)
Duration: 1.5hours

The Airport is very close to town. You only need around 30 minutes to reach town and cost around VND220,000 (RM40). Don't be afraid of late / missed your flight cos it's just so near!

This time I'm using AirBnB to book my accommodation.
Hotel: Mayfair Hotel (3s)
Price: RM 87 (a night)
Add: 14 Loseby Street
Picture accuracy: 7/10 Cleanliness: 7/10 Staff: 8/10 (They barely speak English except for the one who accepted your AirBnB request. They are friendly)

TIPS: using AirBnB has it benefits cos you don't need to stay at hotel only but also other places. like HOME.

First thing that I did was SLEEP. I had a long night and barely slept for an hour... So I need to rest! 

First thing first. FOOD I thought of the moment I open my eyes. The first thing that I wanted to eat was Banh Trang Thit Heo (3 layers pork wrapped with rice paper and noodles along with fresh vegetables) This is one of Danang speciality. You know... I don't take Mam Tom (Prawn Sauce) I HATE IT! FORSAKEN! but.... The one in Da Nang are rather different. You just need to add some SUGAR, LIME and CHILLI sauce and you will be swallow that Mam Tom into your mouth with the mouthwatering Banh Trang! The one I had on day 1 wasn't that good. I do not highly recommend you to go there but the atmosphere is good! Located at 14 Le Duan.

Banh Trang Thiet Heo
What else do I fancy besides food in Vietnam? Making friends of course! haha! Time for some walking and getting lost in the maze.

Found Lotteria (Fast Food chain store) and realised I should have their prawn burger as I do fancy it all the time previously. 

This was me 8 years ago having the same old Burger! Look older isn't? Ouch.... 

Well... Next? Beers of course! I use to frequent one bar previously but they are now close. So, I went to Golden Pine Bar at 54 Bach Dang Street. One shall go only after 10pm otherwise you will got bitten by mosquito all the time... SERIOUS. 

Not forgotten, that place s EMPTY before 10pm. REALLY.

After beers, you should walk along the My Khe beach which are hell beautiful and windy during night time. It's winter here right now, so please wear extra jackets. You don't want to catch a cold don't you? 

That's the end of my night in Da Nang.. Stay cool on Day 1 here... More to come and more to go! Love you!



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